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Version 1.6
Released December 23, 2021
Campaign performance
We've made several improvements to help you run more effective campaigns. 

We've added useful tips for email design. Its documentation has also been improved.

We've improved the campaign overview to give you better insights on your performance and help you understand your audience.

Finally, we've improved the campaign workflow to make sure you're in compliance with all laws and regulations.

If you haven't already done so, you can consult the documentation that will help you improve your delivery performance. We suggest you start with Getting better open rates.

Learn more about everything related to your Cakemail account and email marketing best practices with our Knowledge base.
Status page
We've released a new status page where you can get real-time information on the activity of all our applications and systems. You can also sign up to receive updates via email.

Discover the Status page.
Other improvements
It is now possible to transfer images from Classic to Cakemail Next-gen.

More HTML templates are now available: if you prefer to work with HTML code in our editor, we have 50 new templates for you.

We’ve resolved issues to fix campaign list sorting functionality.

We have improved the way you can manage your Cakemail subscription plan.

We now support Euros and Canadian dollars. Contact us if you wish to change the currency of your plan.

We’ve improved the reliability of the automation workflows.

You can now delete your unused campaign drafts.

Automations are now stopped as soon as they are deactivated, preventing all subscribers from receiving emails until they are reactivated.

We have improved the way we report errors and exceptions to help you better understand the issues.
Version 1.5
Released November 3, 2021
We've added tags for campaigns, which allows you to filter and search for all types of sent, draft and other campaigns in your account. We've also improved the tags for templates so you can add new tags to your templates and search them.
Design an email without an account
You can now access the email designer and create your unique branded email even if you don't have an account - yet. You can also send tests to yourself and your team through an account creation process that has been streamlined.
Usage of role accounts
It is now possible to use role-based email addresses as a user or sender. A role-based email address is usually a corporate address that is not associated with a single, specific person, such as sales@ info@ or team@ email addresses.
We’ve improved the dashboard to better guide new users in completing important tasks.
We’ve improved the user experience during the sending of a campaign and after its sending.
Campaigns can now be previewed even if the recipient list is not yet defined.
We’ve made it possible to create and modify an automation even if the sender is not yet defined.
We now provide better information and guidance to users who experience network communication issues from the browser.
We’ve worked on security improvement for your account.
Version 1.4
Released September 4, 2021
Display conditions of content blocks
The “display conditions” functionality allows you to change the content that is shown to email recipients based on who they are. For example, you can target specific people based on the city they live in or send different images to cat lovers and dog owners. Here is more information: Personalizing your campaign with dynamic content
Animated GIFs and Emojis
Two new menus give you access to a selection of hundreds of emojis and animated GIFs to bring life to your emails.
Reverse stack order
The “reverse stack order” feature allows you to decide in which order the content will appear on mobile devices. It makes it easier for you to choose the content you want to focus on for every different device.
Easy mobile/desktop preview switch
You can create and arrange specific content for desktop or mobile devices to improve your subscribers’ experience. To help you do that, you can now check how all your content will be displayed - or not - on each screen type, directly in the same window of the editor. When you select the screen type (desktop or mobile) at the top of the editor, the content will be displayed according to the selected screen type: Clear for the active content and blurred for the inactive.
We have simplified the management of contact attributes so you can use them with more pleasure. Being able to segment a list is a powerful option to have!
You now have the ability to configure the default sender for a better cohesion and recognition in your subscription and unsubscription emails.
You can set up customized confirmation pages to send out when a contact subscribes or unsubscribes from a list, making sure your brand is visible throughout the entire relationship.
You have the possibility to simultaneously execute an action on a selection of contacts (on a complete list or a list filtered by a segment). Example: You can now simultaneously unsubscribe multiple contacts by selecting contacts and selecting “unsubscribe” from the dropdown menu.
We have added new filters to make your list management easier.
We have improved the password strength verification process to ensure stronger security.
With the visual improvements we’ve made for more consistency, we hope you feel that navigation is easier and clearer throughout the app.
If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s time to create automation workflows. If you have, we trust that you’ll appreciate the process improvements we’ve made.
We have launched an affiliate program to give partners the opportunity to earn additional revenue by referring new customers to Cakemail.
Version 1.3
Released July 15, 2021
We’ve improved the contact list import to make it faster and smoother. In addition, whenever a contact cannot be imported, despite our best efforts, we will indicate it to you, in red, so that you can do something about it.
Contacts can now be filtered by their status. This allows, for example, to display only active, inactive or unsubscribed contacts.
You can now delete contact lists you are no longer using. This allows you to keep your account clean and save money. No need to worry about reports from campaigns sent to these lists as they remain available even after the list is deleted.
Your custom list attributes are now available in the Email designer, allowing you to more easily personalize your campaigns, like “Hello [firstname]”.
We've made it easier to share links to pages in the app, like a campaign report, even if the people you're sharing it with aren't logged into their Cakemail account. When the person clicks on the link, she will be redirected to the login page. Once logged, she will be brought to the linked page.
What happens when your subscribers click Subscribe or Unsubscribe? You can now define all the pages your subscribers interact with during the subscribe and unsubscribe flow.
Email screenshots are now displayed for all campaigns that are in draft, outbox or sent. They provide a visual clue to help you find what you're looking for.
We’ve improved how things work behind the scenes when someone creates a Cakemail account in order to increase security and ensure a better experience.
Statistics on opens have been corrected in campaign reports. Something was not right but now it’s fixed.
We’ve fixed an issue with the delay we set in Automation between each action.
System emails have been redesigned. Reseller partners can also now modify them or use their own templates.
Version 1.2
Released June 1st, 2021
Email automation is now available in the Cakemail Next-gen app. It allows for the creation of an email series or drip campaigns. You can now trigger emails to new subscribers based on predefined rules and delays. In a future release, these emails could be made conditional to specific events such as email opens, clicks or sends.
Resellers can now offer the Cakemail Next-gen app under their own brand. Branding includes logo, colours and URLs through the app. Existing resellers should contact our Customer Support Team to have this feature deployed to their account.
Cakemail Next-gen App is now fully available in French.
The campaign reports have been improved.
List management and segmentation have been improved.
Version 1.1
Released March 15, 2021
Over 600 new email templates are available within our email designer. These templates are searchable by label via the advanced filters and are classified into three categories: Usage (newsletter, tutorial, product launch, etc.), Industry and Seasonal.
Account and User Management
Plan management features are now available to all new accounts. Existing accounts should contact our Customer Support Team to have these features deployed to their account.
To further increase security, the password security policy has been improved.
The French version has been improved. Merci de votre patience.
Version 1.0
Released January 28, 2021
With Next-gen, we’re rebuilding Cakemail from the ground up to make it easier for organizations to nurture relationships. Although this initial release does not yet contain all the features available in Cakemail Classic, it does bring significant improvements to the user experience. 

This release is available under the Cakemail brand only. Reseller support and white-label functionality will be added in a subsequent release.

Next-gen App is built on Next-gen API, available to developers and partners.
Easily get started with Cakemail Next-gen with a step-by-step guide to setup your account. We've also revamped our knowledge base.
Sender management
There is a new section to allow the management and validation or sender names and emails. This helps prevent phishing and improved security.
contact management
  • Add new contact lists
  • Modify your list’s custom attributes for better personalization
  • Add or import contacts to a contact list
  • Access contact detailed information and activity
  • Modify contact detailed information
  • Unsubscribe a contact from a contact list
  • Create new segment to better target your audience
  • Modify existing segments
  • Manage your account suppression list making sure you don’t send emails to people who don’t want to receive them
Subscription forms
  • Create new subscription form to grow your audience
  • Modify existing forms using our drag-and-drop editor - adapt to your landing page 
  • Easily embed your subscription form either by linking to it or by pasting the code on your website
  • Create campaigns easily either with a wysiwyg editor or by pasting the code of your template.
  • Preview your campaign and send yourselves a test
  • Schedule your campaign to send it in the future or send it right away
  • See the progress of your campaign being sent
  • Duplicate a previous campaign to get started faster

  • Review performance summary of your campaign with beautiful images and graphics
  • See detailed information about contact activity and link performance
Small but noteworthy
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Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. Duis mollis, est non commodo luctus, nisi erat porttitor ligula, eget lacinia odio sem nec elit.
Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. Duis mollis, est non commodo luctus, nisi erat porttitor ligula, eget lacinia odio sem nec elit.
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